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Why using planeed as a private Enterpriese solution can be a good strategy

User generated content (UGC) and the open community approach of planeed are key for a successful sustainability strategy of an enterprise. However there are various reasons to start with the private Enterprise solution of planeed. To do so the company can use the full functionality of the planeed app in the setting of a private intranet solution. This means the audience and addressed stakeholders can be defined corresponding to the wish of the client. Once ready to go public it is one click away to migrate to the public planeed community and to share ideas, actions and impact with the rest of the world and all stakeholders. In this business case, we show how companies can use the full functionality of planned as an intranet and still be able to open up to the community at any given date.

Steps taken in planeed:
  • setup of planeed – p.E.s. within the company (hosting by planeed or by the client)
  • setup of teams for the departments Sales, Marketing, HR, R&D
  • definition of a target impact score as a motivation to become active
  • internal promotion of planeed as the sustainability platform for the company

Reasons to use planeed – p.E.s:

Fostering employee engagement only: Some clients look primarily for a solution to engage employees to the sustainability strategy of the enterprise and do not wish to communicate (yet) to a broader community. The functionality set of planeed is optimal for this purpose and with p.E.s. all information stays internal like in an intranet application.

To see how it goes: Sustainability is a new field with a lot of uncertainties in what, when, to whom and how to communicate. Other aspects are the risk of greenwashing, legal changes, stakeholder reactions and expectations and more. In this case planeed – p.E.s. offers the perfect setup to become active, document sustainable actions, create and observe impact of actions done. Once ready to go public is well prepared, authentic in its track record and backed up by trust of early adopted stakeholders in the private environment.

Create real impact before communication: Sustainable impact needs time to grow and settle to be ready for communication. Depending on the sustainability strategy of the enterprise it might be that the premise is to have ‘big’ impact actions in place before getting the word out. planeed – p.E.s. enables here to accompany all actions with its social media approach to get valuable feedback from selected stakeholders. This is also the time to validate taken actions, optimize positioning and communication strategy and then go validated and proven public.

Received Benefits:
  • participation of 89% of employees of all departments
  • brilliant user generated content for sustainable actions and potential savings
  • amazing team spirit and motivated mindset

Push the button for a real engagement boost

Use the concentrated power of a globally open network at the push of a button. Once you and your employees have become familiar with planeed and the first actions have been created, you have the opportunity to go public. Thanks to our sophisticated planeed Enterprise solution, you are just one click away from joining the public planeed community and sharing ideas, actions and impacts that have been created internally with the rest of the world and all stakeholders.

Facts & Figures:
  • target Impact Score was reached after 26 days
  • engagement rate of 89%
  • 134 internal sustainable actions developed with significant saving potential

No matter if an enterprise finds itself in one of the above reasons to start in a private intranet setting or if it is ready for the public community approach there is hardly something more important than to think about communication and engagement of the sustainability strategy. planeed – talk about your climate action has in any setup the optimal solution.

We have already made a lot of progress internally and are looking forward to the day we go public.

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