Make CSR communication engaging and measurable

Get for the first-time sentiment and effectiveness of your CSR initiatives. Real time feedback on all your activities set the ground for your successful CSR strategy.

planeed is your solution. . .

. . .to redefine communication

Maximize the impact of your communication strategy by spotlighting what truly captivates your audience – your actions. Our solution allows you to turn any of your CSR actions, big or small, into valuable information that wants to be shared with your community.

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. . .measure impact

Say goodbye to vague metrics and guesswork. Use robust analytics to quantify the impact of your CSR efforts.

From environmental conservation to social responsibility, track and measure the sentiment of your initiatives with precision.

. . .maximize engagement

Transform your CSR strategy into an engaging story with your community. Our solution offers a range of unique ways to involve your audience, encourage meaningful interactions and turn your CSR communication into an authentic dialog.

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planeed in action

CN solutions

The innovative sports brand everve is committed to sustainability. By leveraging impactful ideas on different consumer touch points, a strong brand identity is generated. The customer is motivated to responsible action which creates emotional connection and fosters brand loyalty. Real time analytics and targeted content positioning makes the CSR branding as effective as never before.

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MCI | The Entrepreneurial School®, as one of the leading academic institutions in Austria, is showcasing sustainability in action. One innovative approach is to encourage students to engage in more responsible thinking and action in appropriate areas. This gives the MCI a positive CSR perception among students and the network. Measurable results make the project unique and outstanding.

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MyBusinessFuture is an established digital magazine for business best practices. The goal is to improve digital touchpoints even further with planeed snippets. Topic-related Action Points are placed via snippets within selected articles to engage readers, enhance the user experience and receive differentiated feedback. This targeted allocation of planeed Action Points allows to refine the presentation of content and improve overall reader engagement.

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CN solutions strives to improve its CSR reporting through the additional use of modern channels. The majority of the sustainable efforts described in the annual CSR report have been converted into planeed Action Points. This facilitates easy to grasp communication with today's channels. The effectiveness is analyzed and displayed in real time in the planeed Impact Suite, which creates a profound basis for the further CSR strategy.

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Find the best value for your (pla)need

planeed offers many options to energize your CSR strategy. Get inspired and benefit from our unique approach.


Encourage action and reaction. Promoting your CSR programs with planeed is a great way to let the public know what you stand for.


The role of employee engagement. CSR is not just “nice-to-have” but a fundamental necessity, driven in part by engaged employees.


Be an advocate for positive change. Using all touchpoints for CSR communication to foster engagement of your stakeholders.


Amplify your credibility. Gain the confidence of your audience in times of Green Claims legislation.

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planeed is the leading platform for improving the human impact on our planet and society.

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