Purpose connects us

The earth needs heroes like you. Transform your social media use with planeed towards a balanced living among humans and planet.


Where social media meets a mindful interaction. Interesting news, cool posts, impactful ideas and like-minded friends are waiting for you. Download planeed and discover your role in shaping our collective tomorrow.

How to make impact on the world

Option 1

Just browse and get inspired

planeed offers an active community which is sharing many thoughtful ideas on mindful living. This allows you conscious socializing and to take small, but meaningful steps towards a conscious future.
Together we can make impact through simple, mindful choices.

Option 2

Lead by example and become active yourself

Be the change you wish to see in the world and create or adopt Action Points. This will empower yourself and others and make a positive impact for our future.
Elevate your social game with planeed’s unique approach.

Option 3

Create collaborative impact in a team

Discover a new level of connection and experience the power of your community by creating or joining a team in planeed.
Get on board with planeed and elevate your community into a force for good.

Make a difference in the world


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