Amplifying Global Impact

planeed is the leading platform for improving the human impact on our planet and society.

There’s an accelerating shift towards a more meaningful, ecologically conscious, and collaborative economy and society, setting higher expectations for brands and marketing. This ongoing transformation will shape the landscape for years and decades to come.


Today, stakeholders demand increased transparency and active involvement in understanding the essence of your brand, particularly your actions. Mere statements of purpose fall short; it’s about fostering real engagement and contributing tangibly to address societal issues. The solution to this is found in planeed.


Brands that make an active contribution to a more responsible future and also succeed in communicating this credibly to all stakeholders will be stronger than ever in tomorrow’s economy.

We therefore want to support companies in facing up to this new responsibility and, with planeed, offer an innovative solution for making impactful commitment tangible in all aspects of corporate activity.

The Team

Dr. Aly Sabri

CEO & Co-Founder

I am a strong advocate for acknowledging responsible corporate actions and believe that involving individuals in a company’s CSR initiatives is crucial. At planeed, we’re dedicated to aiding brands in fostering deeper emotional connections with stakeholders by harnessing the immense influence of all modern channels in communicating CSR efforts.

Bernhard Liebl, M.Sc.

CMO & Co-Founder

I firmly believe that responsible corporate action deserves more recognition and that engaging people in a company’s CSR efforts is absolutely essential. With planeed, we therefore want to help brands in deepening their emotional connection with stakeholders by leveraging the enormous power of all touchpoints in CSR communication.

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