Boost the power of CSR reporting

Your CSR report was hard work – get even more out of it.

Enhance your CSR reporting by using mordern channels that are relevant today and speak the language of your target group. planeed allows you to social-medialize your CSR report and take advantage of dynamic online channels.

Your CSR report is loaded with plenty of activities ready to be transformed into Action Points in planeed. Publish them just as easy as a post in social media.

Engage with your entire community and spread your actions through channels best aligning with your preferences.

  • Reach all stakeholders with up-to-date-channels
  • Make your CSR activities tangible & easy to understand
  • Involve your audience in your initiatives
  • Give stakeholders a voice and promote transparency

Successful CSR communication is not one-way, which is why the newly developed interaction formats open up unprecedented opportunities to engage your stakeholders. Understand how your actions are perceived and whether they generate attention. 

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