Talk about your actions


Create a distinct and memorable brand identity with planeed’s unique Actions First approach.

Unlock your CSR brand with planeed and create a real movement together with your community. Embrace our Actions First approach to establish your company’s image based on tangible actions and meaningful interactions with your consumers.

Secure a maximum of credibility and authenticity by centralizing your CSR strategy around impactful actions. The benefits for your brand are numerous, as actions…

…highlight your commitment

…are straightforward to substantiate

…offer the opportunity to engage all stakeholders

…are perceived as authentic

…are easy to understand and comprehensible

Bring your Action Points to reality by using our unique Point of Action solution and create interactive brand experiences to inspire your community with sustainable ideas directly on the spot via QR-Codes.

The best is that by interacting with one of your Action Points, the user itself becomes a kind of micro influencer on behalf of your ideas. This is just genius. On top of that, all interactions are tracked and create highly valuable insights into customer perceptions displayed in sophisticated dashboards.

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