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The role of user-generated content in advancing sustainability

Sustainability is a global challenge that requires a collective effort to address. As consumers become increasingly aware of the impact their actions have on the environment, businesses are seeking ways to engage with their audience on sustainability. User-generated content (UGC) has emerged as a powerful tool to involve stakeholders in sustainability initiatives. In this business case, we will explore why UGC is key when it comes to sustainability and how businesses can leverage it to drive positive change.

Steps taken in planeed:
  • creation of a company profile and an open community team
  • call out to all stakeholders to join the team and contribute own ideas
  • filing of Action Points and posts to create a content start set

Why user-generated content is key when it comes to sustainability:

Authenticity: One of the key benefits of UGC is its authenticity. When consumers create content about sustainability, they are sharing their genuine thoughts, experiences, and perspectives. This authenticity can help build trust with other consumers and demonstrate a commitment to sustainability that is more genuine than traditional marketing efforts. 

Engagement: UGC is also an effective way to engage stakeholders in sustainability initiatives. By encouraging users to share their own stories and experiences, businesses can create a sense of community around sustainability. This engagement can lead to increased awareness and participation in sustainability initiatives, and can help build a sustainable culture within the organization and its stakeholders.

Creativity: UGC is a platform for creative expression, allowing consumers to showcase their creativity and generate unique content around sustainability. This creativity can help businesses stand out from the competition and create a unique brand identity around sustainability.

Received Benefits:
  • after the starting phase the company profile and the team became up to 75% self feeding, meaning the stakeholders created content and impact
  • employees assigned their own ideas as Action Points to their company
  • other stakeholders joined the team and created content in form of Posts and assigned Action Points
  • fostered creativity and credibility of content due to predominantly user-generated content
  • new access to potential new customers in a brand-neutral and authentic environment

How Businesses Can Leverage UGC for Sustainability:

Encourage Participation: To promote UGC on sustainability, companies should actively encourage stakeholders to share their thoughts, experiences and ideas. Social networks, challenges, and other incentives provide an ideal way to motivate stakeholders to create and interact with other content on the topic of sustainability.

Provide a Platform: To make UGC possible in the first place, companies need to offer consumers a platform to share their content. This is best done through social media or dedicated websites that enable dialogue. Providing a platform can help generate more content, increase engagement and create a sense of community around sustainability. Open platforms, where companies and stakeholders alike have access, deliver significantly better results than closed systems for this purpose.

Showcase UGC To showcase UGC, companies need to create places where user-generated content can be published and find its way into the community. This can help build trust and credibility with all stakeholders and demonstrate a commitment to sustainability that is authentic and engaging.

Facts & Figures:
  • 50+ team members generated in the first two weeks
  • over 100 Action Points have been assigned on behalf of the brand
  • 75% of content is generated by the team members itself
  • compared to other platforms, the operation is about 40% less time-consuming

User-generated content is a powerful tool for engaging consumers in sustainability initiatives. By leveraging UGC, businesses can create a sense of community around sustainability, showcase their commitment to sustainability in an authentic and engaging way, and generate more awareness and participation in sustainability initiatives. As the global challenge of sustainability continues, UGC will play an increasingly important role in driving positive change and creating a more sustainable future for all.

With much less editorial work we achieved by far the best stakeholder engagement and motivation ever.

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